‘SEO friendly’ article writing services

Fortunately, article writing services are easy to come by. In fact, they’re everywhere, and available at next to nothing. Which begs the question; who on earth is writing them? The internet is filled with enough crap as it is, so please don’t add to its ever thriving depository of nonsense for the sake of saving a buck.

No, you must settle for nothing short of excellence when associating your business with a piece of writing. And are we the one’s to deliver it to you? Perhaps, perhaps not. All we can say is that when we write, we write with purpose. Whatever the subject, we’ll make it matter! That and all of our writing is well-structured and entirely SEO friendly. This means no duplicated content and no keyword stuffing – just authentic and creative writing, for your convenience.

Stand out as the expert in your niche! 


Article writing services with Feel Content is a bright idea


What Makes an article ‘SEO Friendly’?

Well, for starters it has to be worth reading! Contrary to popular belief, the likes of Google is looking for so much more than just a few key words scattered throughout a piece of text. How much do you value your brand? That is the question that you must ask.

The other important factor is its authenticity. One might ask: how unique does content need to be to perform well in search engines? Or alternatively you could put your name to enviable content that lesser companies will want to replicate!

At Feel Content we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. That means placing your key words in relevant text, organically. Our words will flow in a positive direction, leading your target audience towards a natural conclusion.

Information is power, so what would you rather do; replicate or create?


Create - That's what article writing services are all about


Article Submissions and ‘Link Building’

We have access to a variety of reputable platforms which allows us to share SEO friendly articles, thus building incredibly strong backlinks to our clients websites. With every article that we submit our reputations grows, our followers increase and the reach of our articles spreads further.

This is incredibly valuable for any business that is looking to not only expand their online presence, but also experience an increase in the right kind of traffic as well. It’s all very well driving more people through to your website, though unless they’re ‘ready to spend’ customers who are actively searching for the product or service that you provide, well, then it defeats the object.

You are not obliged to use our link building service. We can simply provide you with as many articles as you require, they’ll then be yours to do with as you please. If however, you want to take full advantage of our resources then we’ll be more than happy to oblige!


What You Can Expect

♦ Unique and well-written industry related articles 

♦ Well-structured formatting and presentation

 ♦ Inspiring, grammatically sound writing

♦ Informative and engaging pieces

♦ Quality and authenticity

♦ Fast turn-around time

♦ ‘SEO friendly’


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