What is a Press Release?

A Press Release is a journalistic piece of writing that reports specific information about an upcoming event, a new product, or any other note-worthy subject. Typically, a press release is related to a specific business or organisation and is submitted to various PR outlets with the hopes of being picked up by the media. Of […]

Can You Update My Blog On My Behalf?

Absolutely. We understand that just as content writing is time consuming, so too is the implementation of the finished product. (After all, it’s what we do!) If you would like to free yourself of this burden then we are more than happy to take control of your blog and regularly update it as agreed upon. […]

What Experience Do You Have?

As a collective we have a wealth of experience in the writing arena. Most of us share an interest in creative writing and have had several publications; though with regards to technical writing and content development you can view some of the industries we have written for, below: Bathrooms – Renovations / Vanity Units Organic […]

What is a Ghost Writer?

A Ghost Writer is essentially someone who writes and produces content on someone else’s behalf who is then named the author. For example if you would like us to handle your blog posts, in your voice or that of your business but would like to take full credit for it then that’s the agreement we […]

Is There a Minimum Amount of Work I Can Request?

Not at all. If you are a small business and can only afford one or two blog posts a month then we will be more than happy to assist you. It’s up to you how much content you want and you can adjust this whenever you like.

Have You Ever Turned Down a Job?

Although we do reserve the right to decline work at any point, we never have. However, should we have to turn down your content request, it could be for one of several different reasons: We could be experiencing a high-influx of work and are unable to guarantee a certain delivery time. We may not trust […]

Do You Charge an Advance?

Before any money changes hands we will engage in a detailed and open dialogue with you to properly understand your needs. If in the event that you would like to proceed with our services then we will require a 50% advance before we begin the work. As I’m sure you can appreciate, we need assurances […]

Do You Charge for Revisions?

During our workflow, you will be given a chance to review our work before the final payment is due. If you would like to make a few minor changes then no. We understand that there may be a certain phrase or paragraph that you don’t think fits well with the message that you’re trying to […]

Will I Own the Content?

Yes, absolutely. As soon as we’ve sent the content over to you and you’ve paid for our services, it’s all yours do with as you see fit. In the case that we’re link building for you, we can send over the original document, though we’d advise that you not post it anywhere else. We will […]

Why is Blogging and Writing Articles So Valuable?

By regularly blogging or publishing articles on your site and other reputable websites, your business will benefit from the following: Over 60% of companies who blog regularly receive more business through their website. Your blog is the perfect tool for successful content marketing activity. You can also share this content via your social media outlets […]