Everything you need to know about premium quality content development

At Feel Content, all we seem to talk about is ‘content development’…what an exciting subject eh? (Zzz) And whilst I suppose you’re not so buzzing about the fact that you’ve found yourself reading this article, you’re clearly here with good reason: Because you want to know how to develop regular, high-quality content. – Content that will not only keep your audience engaged, but bolster your authority within your industry as well. – To secure your place as a leading expert with a voice worth listening to.

And that’s just it: ‘having a voice worth listening to’. As content development specialists, we’re all too familiar with creating content. It’s what we do! Day in, day out, producing industry relevant content which is both ‘SEO friendly’, and actually worth reading. – But it took some practice, believe me.

The first thing that you should know about creating content is that there’s much more to it than simply squeezing a few target keywords into a piece of writing.

In the good old days you could pump out thousands upon thousands of words, jam-packed into ‘handy’ and ‘relevant’ articles for the ‘convenience’ of your ‘readers’. – And in turn, Google would kindly reward you by enhancing your website authority and pushing you up the rankings without a question. Those days are over, my friends.

1 – When it comes to content development you must write with purpose

Green growing through the cracks in cement; the definition of purpose
Create content with genuine purpose if you wish to flourish

It’s time to re-think content development from your current understanding. No longer is it for your benefit. The moment you let go of the idea that content development is essential for you and your business, the better (but don’t you dare forget it, because it IS essential for you and your business).

The point is that when you approach new content, you must do so with purpose. What type of content would you like to create? What will the subject matter be? Who is it going to benefit from it? Understand that creating high-quality content with genuine purpose will only ever benefit you. So, the better it is for your audience the more effective it will be for your brand development and overall rankings. It’s a win – win. Lovely jubbly.

2 – Be unique with your approach to content development

When it comes to content development, the only limitation is your imagination
When it comes to content development, the only limitation is your imagination

Yes of course, you’re very special. We all are, right? But there’s being special and then there’s being different. The internet is teeming with nonsense. -The amount of useless or duplicated content out there is quite literally ridiculous. As we stated in a previous blog post; if we were to ‘print the internet’ there would be approximately 305.5 billion pages. What-the-actual?

And whilst much of the information you might wish to share will be available elsewhere on the internet; the trick is to do better. Yes, there are only so many ways to skin a cat, but at the very least, could you try to be humane about it?

I mean, I’m writing a lengthy blog post on the subject of ‘content development’ tips, which I think we can all agree might just be the most boring subject in the world. However, at least I’m being a proper gent and trying to inject some humour so as to make it that little bit more bearable for everyone involved (you’re welcome by the way).

Just try to have fun with it, but above all; you should aim to create relevant, unique and useful content. It’s a simple concept to grasp: develop content for your audience and not for your rankings.

3 – Always try to mix it up when developing content

The key to colourful content development is variety
Variety is the spice of life – Mix things up use a plentitude of platforms

To quote Bob Marley: “Stir it up, little darling”. When creating new content the best approach is to try and keep it interesting. – Arguably a very difficult thing to do for a lot of industries. However, if you work with a variety of formats and deliver the content in different ways then you will experience greater success.

Written content is king (so write you must)

Visualisation is a powerful approach

Feel Content Infographic
150% of my point split up into 3 lovely little circles

Talk to your audience

4 – Maintain a healthy pace when developing content

Content Development is a Marathon
Maintain a healthy pace and keep moving forward

Another important aspect when it comes to content development is keeping up a good pace. It’s all very well writing a banging blog post if you can only do one a month. The key to getting the most out of your content development in terms of audience engagement is to post as regularly as possible. That is the most effective way to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

A good example of regular content is the ‘Word of the Day’ that we have running on all of our social media platforms. It’s nothing ground-breaking or especially innovative, but who doesn’t love a good WOTD? We share various words with an interesting definition and then use it as a sort of ‘call to action’:

Eat a banana and stretch your legs – There’s a long road ahead

Understand that this isn’t something which happens over night. You can’t pump out a few quality blog posts and expect to jump straight onto the first page of Google. It’s a marathon and quite simply: you have to be in it to win it.

There is a long road ahead of you, but provided that you keep a healthy pace, maintain your footing and stay true to the cause, your hard work will pay off.

One of my favourite sayings which fits content development and SEO perfectly is: “You have to speculate to accumulate”. If you don’t have the time to head up an effective content marketing campaign yourself, then you must invest in the professionals. By investing in your business, engaging with your audience and producing a wealth of relevant and expertly crafted content to associate with your brand; you’ll be safely securing the future of your business and promoting further growth.


Again, the key is to be creative. And since there are so many ways for you to put content out there, what’s holding you back? Experiment with the plethora of avenues available to you and discover which work best. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to content development. – Trial and error people, trial and error.

Yes, it’s going to take some time to build up any resemblance of a following, and you’ll likely be talking to yourself in the beginning (something Feel Content is all too familiar with at this early stage in our brand development). But, that’s no reason to shy away from the challenge. With plenty of hard work and persistence you will find your voice and before long; people will listen.

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