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Should You Hire a Blog Writer? (Yes)

There are many reasons to hire a blog writer which we will explore in this article. But the main and most important reason of all, is saving precious time. We all have it, but it’s in finite supply, which is why we must spend it wisely.

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Should you hire a blog writer?

As a business owner, you don’t have time to waste on writing thousands of words each month for your blog when you already have a million and one other things to think about. But, does that mean that you should simply ignore your blog all together? To allow it to become a redundant space on your website with dated content that is no good to anyone? We wouldn’t advise it.

Yes, there are people who will try to maintain their blog themselves, and some people may even experience relative success with it. However, in our experience, most people write one or two, get distracted and then before they know it, it’s been over a year since their last post. This is why you need to hire a blog writer.

Why is it so important to maintain a blog on your website?

Before we can justify why you need to hire a blog writer, first we should identify why blogging is so valuable.

Establish yourself as an authority in your industry

Regularly sharing informative blog posts on your website is a great way of proving to your audience (and more importantly, Google) that you know your stuff. It also gives you a unique opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions. The more information you provide about a given topic, the more likely it will be to succeed. (i.e., if it’s useful, people will share it).

Offer more information on your specific products / services

Blogging is a great way promoting your products and/or services, while also including a “call to action” in each post. For example, in this post, we’re talking about the benefits of hiring a blog writer—so naturally, we’re going to link you to that particular service on our website. Speaking of which…are you looking for blog writers for hire?

Share regular news about your business

Whilst a weekly/monthly newsletter is a great way of keeping your audience in-tune with news about your business, you should always populate your blog with updates as well. This means that those who aren’t on your mailing list, or perhaps are visiting for the first time, might stumble upon a new product or promotion. That, and it’s a great way of tracking how your business has evolved over the years.

To promote other noteworthy businesses, products / services

Let’s say that you’re a beauty therapist; you’re likely going to have a pretty good idea about which products are worth using, and which should be avoided. Having a blog allows you to offer industry-advice to your audience, whilst promoting your favourite products.

In addition to that, this is one of the most natural link building methods. Write about your favourite products, then share the blog post with the relevant businesses. Then you can politely request that they share the blog through their social media channels for even more exposure. In some cases, they may even create a similar link back to you, talking about what a great business you run (perfect for strengthening your SEO campaign)!

Content is King

You may have heard this phrase used before when exploring search engine optimisation, “Content is King.” It’s referring to the fact that content development is one of the most important aspects of SEO. If you want your website to rank well, you need to associate your business with as much “relevant content” as possible. If your websites has thousands and thousands of words-worth of unique content, crafted with carefully optimised keywords, you’ll be much more likely to rank higher on a Google SERP.

Hire a blog writer as you would an accountant

OK, so perhaps it’s fair to say that an accountant is very different to a blog writer. However, your reasoning for doing so is very much the same.

  • It saves you precious time (time that can be spent on other ‘revenue generating’ areas).
  • You pay them for their expertise (just as an accountant is great with numbers, blog writers are wordsmiths).

The fact is, writing a blog post can take up a fair amount of time, especially when you consider the research that has to go in before hand (if you want to write an engaging article that is useful to your audience, that is). In addition to that, you have to optimise it correctly if you want it to get picked up online—-this requires careful keyword placement, without spamming the life out of them!

Invest in your business

If you want to dominate online, a well-rounded digital marketing strategy will be required. So, whether it’s money, or your own time, you have to start investing in your website, one way or another—after all, you have to speculate to accumulate, right?

If you want to take care of your blog yourself and don’t mind investing the time, then you should check out our content development tips to promote healthy future growth for your business. Alternatively, if you understand the value in doing so but don’t have the time nor desire, simply contact us today and we’ll take care of it for you!

Conclusion: Hire a blog writer today!

A decent blog allows you to engage with your audience, demonstrate your authority, promote your services, and strengthen your SEO. All of the most successful online businesses, have awesome, active, and well-populated blogs—If you want to take your online presence to the next level, then you’re going to have to do the same.

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