Proofreading – Does Google Count Typos & Errerors?

Proofreading: Does Google Downgrade Your Content for Typos & Errerors?

In our modern internet age, the dreaded grammar-Nazis seem to be lurking around every fibre-optic bend. So, it’s no wonder why many people are asking the question: “Will Google downgrade my content if there are any typos within the text?” While you should always strive to share premium content writing; Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller confirms that the search giant is not so finicky when it comes to your proofreading. 

Now, this clearly comes as a relief to us all. I for one would be lying if I said that I’ve never submitted work to a client without a typo. We’re only human and at times we make mistakes. But don’t take John Mueller’s clarification as a free pass to rush out countless blog posts and articles without proofreading them first. Just because Google won’t downgrade your writing, it doesn’t mean that your readers won’t!

Proofreading Everything is Essential if You Want to be Taken Seriously

proofreading your content writing

In the grand-scheme of things, a minor grammatical error isn’t the end of the world. The problem is, that it doesn’t do much in the way of promoting your brand in a positive light. If you want to be seen as careless & lazy, then by all means continue acting as such. However, if you want your potential customers to respect you, then you’re going to need to take extra care when it comes to how you present your brand image. And that means proofreading everything! Whether it’s a gratified response to a positive review on your Google+ page; a minor Tweet; or a lengthy article about how wonderful your services are; setting aside a couple of minutes to glance over your work before-hand isn’t going to hurt.

Revising Your Work Gives You a Creative Opportunity to Improve Your Point

Understand that proofreading your work isn’t just about checking for spelling mistakes and punctuational errors. By going over your work once or twice upon completion, you will often think up more efficient ways to get certain points across. Or you might find that what seemed like a brilliant idea whilst you were flowing and in the zone was in fact, detrimental to the finished piece.

Alternatively, once you’ve written 1 or 2 paragraphs, you should have a read through to confirm that everything is in order before moving on. Some of you might find that this will disrupt your flow, however I find that it helps to improve mine. – Allowing me to ‘take a run-up’ to each new entry in order to ensure that it connects well, whilst scanning for errors at the same time. Ultimately you have to find a system that works comfortably with your style of writing. In any case; proofreading is key.

An Innocent Mistake Can Have Costly Consequences

The fact that Google will not penalise your content writing for any typos and grammatical errors, gives you all the more reason to ensure that it is bang on, every time. What you don’t need is to have an otherwise brilliant piece of writing, but with an embarrassing and/or offensive mistake layered within. – Particularly if it is ranking in plain-view for your potential & existing customers to stumble upon.

Of course, that is taking it to the extreme. Very rarely will you blunder so badly that you upset or offend anyone (though you can never be too careful). Aside from all that however, it’s just plain good etiquette to check your work before sending it back to a client.

Don’t be sloppy, write with purpose and live up to that “we’re the best in the biz”, jargon.


Not Feeling too Confident About Your Content?

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