Absolutely. We understand that just as content writing is time consuming, so too is the implementation of the finished product. (After all, it’s what we do!)

If you would like to free yourself of this burden then we are more than happy to take control of your blog and regularly update it as agreed upon.

Of course, this will mean that we will need full access to the back end of your blog or website so that we will be able to do so. This naturally poses a potential risk on your part, placing your trust in a young agency with which you have never dealt before.

There is only so much we can do to alleviate your concerns, though we assure you that we will do anything required to secure your faith – even if it means signing a non-disclosure agreement.

We are willing to place our mark on any law-binding document, stating that we promise to keep your details safe and secure. And of course, we will naturally run all of the relevant content by you first, for your approval before uploading anything to your website.

The only question that we ask is: what could we possibly gain from compromising your details or sabotaging your website? There are many dickheads in this world, though we do not count ourselves among them.

We are Feel Content and so should you.