Yes and no, to put it bluntly. The thing with Content Writing and SEO as a whole; is that there is no physical product that you can hold in your hands. That is something that can put people off, particularly when paying for a service. Of course, we know that it works, and that we’ll be able to achieve what we set out to do – but it doesn’t happen over night.

Ultimately, Search Engine Optimisation is a marathon, and you have to be in it to win it. The more content you develop and the more links that you build; the greater your relevance and brand awareness will become. It takes time to pick up pace, though you will definitely experience an increase in traffic to your website if you are putting yourself out there.

What’s more is that by developing quality and engaging content; your conversion rates will be greater. If someone comes through to your website and there is a limited amount of information to be found, most people will go elsewhere.

If on the other hand, your website is well-optimised and you have a wealth of industry related information on your blog; then your target audience will be much more likely to convert into customers.