Content development is arguably one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. Naturally, being a web content writing agency we are going to say that; but it’s the truth. It’s all very well having a stagnant website with plenty of nice pictures, but if you’ve very few keywords in there then your website will ultimately never rank well with Google.

Content Development is about continually posting information on the internet related to your industry. This includes Article Submissions, Blog Posts, Social Media Status Updates, Tweets, Product Pages, Reviews – but most important of all: your Onsite Content (text on the pages of your website).

You can never have too much writing! Regular blog posting for example, is not only a great way to engage with your customers and answer some of their frequently asked questions; but it’s also a highly effective way of telling Google that your business is relevant.

With every post that you write, every article that you submit, every tweet that you compose; your brand awareness grows. There is nothing quite as important in business today, than having rich, unique and intelligent content developed and shared in your interest.