Link building is a technique used in SEO in order to help build more authority for your website. It is essentially a voting system, whereby other websites link back to yours, the more links back the more Google feels that your business is relevant.

In relation to our services, we develop Article Submissions. These are unique, 500-750 word articles related to your industry. Within the text there will be a number of relevant “search phrases”, or “keywords” that you may be looking to rank higher for.

Let’s say, for example, you run an online store which exclusively deals with Organic Beauty Products. In this case we would write an article about the benefits of using Organic Skincare products. Or we may research and write up a detailed analysis on the dangers of using certain cosmetics if you have particularly delicate skin. This article will then be published on a reputable website, linking back to you.

The more links you have, the more relevant you become, the more likely you will rank higher than your competitors.