Onsite Content Development is related to what your audience sees when the click through to your website. Every website will already have some content on there, but very rarely is it optimised appropriately for a successful SEO campaign.

Onsite optimisation involves targeting a specific keyword (or set of keywords) for each individual page on your website. Each page then has to be fine-tuned, carefully placing the keywords throughout in an organic way. Keyword stuffing not only looks cheap and reads terribly, but Google will also penalise websites for using such terrible tactics.

Well-constructed content, rich with relevant keywords is vital when trying to improve your rankings with various Search Engines such as Google.

What we do is look at the content already on your website and transform it into a fine-tuned, optimised piece of writing. This content will not only convey all of the necessary information to your visitors, but it will work perfectly from an SEO perspective. This involves using the appropriate language, sentence length, formatting and structure.

Some people like to give us a brief guide and let us develop it in our own way, whereas other customers have a specific message that they would like to convey. Either way works perfectly well, what’s important to us is that the content is spot on, “Google friendly”, and meets your needs.