You’ll have definitely heard this buzz phrase before, but some of you may not be familiar with what it actually means and how important it is for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a discipline focused on building your brand awareness and the visibility of your website online. It’s about pulling your website from the bottom of the pile and climbing the ladder to the very top of the rankings on various search engine websites such as Google.

Various SEO techniques are used to create more authority for your website, so that when people type in various “search phrases” or “keywords” your website will rank as highly as possible in the organic rankings.

Such techniques include Onsite-Optimisation, Link Building and Content Development.

There is so much more to SEO than just optimising your website in a way that search engines can digest. It’s about improving the user experience as well. This involves adding internal links where necessary and providing solutions in the form of clear and concise information related to the various search phrases you wish to rank for.