Does Having a Blog Improve Your SEO?

If you want to improve your SEO, there are a number of things that you can try; but is writing regular content on your blog really worth the effort?

Should You Hire a Blog Writer? (Yes)

Hire a blog writer feature image

Few people realise how valuable it is to maintain a blog on your website. Should you hire a blog writer? How can your business benefit? Lets find out!

SEO for Small Business Owners – Do I Need it?

SEO for small business owners

The short answer? Absolutely! SEO for small business owners is equally as crucial as it is for large corporations—the only differences are budget, strategy, and scale. Don’t be frightened off just because there are big players out there with a seemingly endless marketing budget! It’s all about finding your niche and cultivating your brand/audience relationships. […]

Microsoft May Have Just Handed Google the Keys to the Internet – Pt 1

Four popular web browsers

Have Microsoft just handed Google the keys to the internet? Part 1 – The Battle for the Internet Back in early December, Microsoft made a shock announcement on their official blog when they revealed to the world. They revealed plans to rebuild their Edge web browser so that it ran on Google’s Chromium rendering engine. […]