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What is a DA Rating and Why Should I Care?

Your Domain Authority rating, or DA rating, is essentially the lifeblood of your website.  Without it, almost no one will know that you’re out there so you need to cultivate it and treat it properly.

Understanding your DA rating

Your DA rating is like your websites score at a beauty pageant, insomuch as search engines will judge your site on a selection of factors and assign you a final score which is how you will then be seen.  If your site performs well, then the judges will be happy and you will be rewarded, however if your site performs poorly then there are penalties.

Would your site score well?
The pressure is on for your site to perform well

Although there way too many contributing factors to list, there are some key ones that we should take note of.  The most important ones are how many root domains your site has and the total number of links it has.  These two factors and the biggest and most controllable aspects of your DA score and are the main ones SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will target.

What does my DA score do?

This is arguably the most important bit to understand; your DA rating directly affects where you rank in search engine results – something people tend to primarily apply to Google.  There is another factor that has been gathering precedence in the last year or so, and that is your Alexa ranking.  This is a direct numerical value that tells you how likely Amazon’s Alexa is to use the information on your site as the top search result or to respond to a question.  The better your scores are, the higher up the results you will find yourself.  Google displays 10 results on its first page, getting into this top ten means that you have become an upmost authority on the search criteria posed.  Let’s be real though, how often do you scroll past the first page on Google?  That is how important your DA rating is.

What does a DA score look like?

Your DA score is a number out of 100, with 0 being the worst and 100 being the best score possible.  However, it is not as simple as a percentage due to the score being logarithmic in nature.  This means that the higher numbers are harder to progress through as the score advances on a curve.  An average to good DA score is usually between 20 and 40, with an excellent one being over 60.  Very view websites achieve a score of 100, with only the ridiculously big hitters such as Google and Wikipedia managing this feat, so don’t assume that it is reachable.  

How do I rank well?

An excellent outcome

There is no single perfect recipe for improving your DA ranking, but as mentioned above, links play an important role.  The best way to improve your overall DA ranking is by improving your sites SEO in general; things like readability, layout and internal and external links all play into the equation.  Making sure that as many higher level DA websites are linking back to yours as possible is one of the best ways to improve things.

There are several tactics for achieving this, some are more underhanded than others, but Google is not easy to fool and if it sniffs out lots of spam links to your website then it is going to blacklist you.  You need suitable content that reads naturally and this is where content writers come in.  We are experts in generating effective, SEO friendly, Google permissible content.

You can check your sites current DA rating by using free online tools such as the Moz approved SEO Review Tools.  Using services to check your score can give you a good idea of where you stand in the Google results and if you find that you aren’t making the front page, get in touch with us and see if we can help improve your authority.